What is MarinEye?

MarinEye is a new concept of Ocean observation. It is an autonomous system that integrates the different important compartments of our ocean by generating biological, physical and chemical data sets synchronized in time and space.


In the ocean chemical, physical and biological compartments interact in complex ways. However, the dynamics of its environments with an integrated view of all their components is largely unknown, mainly because biogeochemical and biological ocean monitoring is still underrepresented. Thus, there is a lack of long-term biological and biogeochemical data at large spatial scales synchronized in time and space together with chemical and physical data.

In MarinEye we applied an holistic approach by integrating distinct autonomous technology to observe the different compartments of the oceans at the same time scale.

MarinEye will give an extremely important contribution by complementing the already existent ocean observatories with novel integrative data not currently supplied.


Our multitrophic autonomous system will allow tackling the enormous knowledge gap in understanding the dynamics of the different biological pelagic compartments in specific marine areas of interest and its interactions with the characteristics of the surrounding environment.

Thus, it has the potential to considerably increase the environmental monitoring of marine coastal, remote and ocean protected areas by providing long-term biological surveillance capabilities and synchronize contextualized environmental data.

The capability of integrating biological, chemical and physical data at the same time series resolution makes this system a novelty in terms of ocean monitoring.

While the proposed unit will be designed to be deployed in fixed marine observatories, it can be integrated, in the near future, on other systems such as autonomous vehicles developed by other projects, in order to be part of a complex system, where all components interact with each other in a collaborative and complimentary way.